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Workplace Wellbeing

The Rise of Burnout

October 13, 2021

As burnout continues to rise so does general distaste for productivity culture and the term productivity itself. Cal Newport highlights this trend in a recent article he wrote for the New Yorker titled “The Frustration with Productivity Culture.” Newport identifies how the definition and responsibility of productivity have shifted from the company to the worker, and how the workforce has had enough.

It’s not surprising that new perspectives, such as those introduced by Celeste Headlee in her book “Do Nothing: How to Break Away from Overworking, Overdoing, and Underliving,” are gaining fast popularity in recent years. Headlee proposes that we are pushed into an unnatural and unhealthy state by cultural influences that aren’t aligned with our best interests, citing “a combination of capitalist propaganda with religious propaganda that makes us feel guilty if we’re not feeling productive.”

At Groundwork, we have re-imagined productivity. We have developed a system that increases workplace engagement, motivation, and satisfaction while empowering people and companies to prioritize individual wellbeing.

How does your company define productivity? Is it the responsibility of employees to optimize their workdays? What tools do you offer to support workers when they are feeling the effects of burnout?

Groundwork is more than a productivity system, it’s a way to show your employees that you care about them and their quality of life.



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