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people powered by groundwork

Powerful practice for leaders, artists, and world-changers.

"All I can say is it was life changing."

Tarun Nayar, Global Tik Tok Star @modernbiology

The Framework

How to fulfill your dreams

Life should be fulfilling for everyone, but it isn't. We think there is something wrong with us when we can't get it all done when really, we have been given the impossible task of trying to do more than is doable. Groundwork gives you the foundation you need to go after what you want in life and to do it with clarity and peace of mind. It gives you a system for managing the chaos and a way to handle life as it comes.

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Go after what inspires you.

Prioritize your peace of mind.

The Philosophy

Peace of mind

We think the answer to our problems is getting more done. But pushing ourselves harder to get more done is not working. We are overwhelmed, overworked and burning out. What we actually need is an entirely different way of doing things. Groundwork integrates philosophy and a functional practice to inspire a shift in behaviour and way of seeing the world. This means cultivating peace of mind while still getting it all done.

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The Founder

Meet Amrita

I've taught leaders across industries--startups, enterprise, technology, health and wellness, music, social justice, creative agencies and more since 2010. Each person I've taught differs from the next in so many ways, but they all share the desire for a full life. The key to unlocking that full potential is to shift out of survival mode and into a different way of getting things done. Groundwork helps you create a personal playbook for career, connection, health and wellness, spirituality, adventure and the unknown. I believe there is a way to be grounded and peaceful and still be wildly successful. Join us.

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Amrita Ahuja, CEO and Executive Coach

Powerful practice for world-changers.

"Groundwork's approach to organizing your life and improving your productivity is as powerful and magical as Marie Kondo’s approach to tidying up your things.”

Nancy McRitchie, Executive Director, Urban Horse Project