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Hundreds of people use Groundwork every day to live better lives.

"Groundwork is the backbone to helping navigate the wild daily barrage of medias and information aka modern day chaos. Like other important practices, it should be taught from childhood. We live in times where everyone feels like they are running on a never ending treadmill, and this has to stop. Groundwork bring awareness to our patterns, and gives us tools to make sense of this as we move from fight or flight to alive and thrive!"

Mark Rabin

Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Portable Electric

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"As a corporate finance executive, I was constantly feeling behind and concerned that I wasn’t able to stay on top of what needed to get done. I'd tried a variety of time management approaches but was having very limited success. The Groundwork System has really step changed my ability to feel in control of my week, to know that everything I need to do has been accounted for, and that nothing is falling through the cracks. I now feel more grounded about what is possible in my everyday life."

Raul Garcia

Vice President International Business and Corporate Treasurer, Charlotte's Web

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"Groundwork is a gift. Having the opportunity to be coached into the system was an absolute game changer for me."

Paxton Robertson

Chief Operating Officer, Panago Pizza

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“I couldn't recommend Groundwork more for any professional who juggles multiple responsibilities across different departments. I've never been more productive or efficient in my work. I'm now able to see exactly what I'm utilizing my time for, how long different projects are taking to complete, and actually spend time thinking about the bigger picture. The sooner you can implement this system in your life, the better.”

Stephanie Bachman

Customer Experience Manager, Fear Free Pets

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“I adopted this simple yet life-changing system in 2015 to handle my email, keep track of all the information coming across my desk and to get all the ideas, plans, and thoughts out of my head and into the Groundwork System. Since I first studied Groundwork my responsibilities have grown exponentially. Groundwork allows me to effectively manage the various important projects I have on the go. If you are getting caught up in lists and project management tools, Groundwork's very effective system can help you track and handle everything you do with more ease and peace of mind.”

Dennis Innis

Dean, School of Hospitality, Food Studies and Applied Business, Vancouver Community College

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"Groundwork is brilliant and simple. I'm learning to be real with my schedule instead of trying to force blood from the stone of an hour of my time. I've moved projects much closer to completion than I would have otherwise and I think more holistically about how to plan my week so I don't burn out. I highly recommend this life-changing work!"

Angela Meharg

Founder & CEO, Datisfy

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"As the CEO of a record label and audio production company, dealing with multiple projects and teams at a time, my days were consumed completely and my mind was always saturated with never-ending to-dos. After implementing Groundwork, I have more freedom and clarity in my work and in my personal time. I am much more productive in having a balance mentally, spiritually and emotionally as I have control of my time and more clarity on how and when to achieve my personal and business goals. My whole team is also trained in Groundwork!"

Pablo Carvallo

CEO, Pedro Y El Lobo

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“I needed help badly when I was introduced to Groundwork. I interact with hundreds of people and emails every day. I now feel in control of my schedule (and my days off), and I have way less anxiety and worry. I've also sent everyone I work with to Groundwork. All I can say is it was life-changing!”

Tarun Nayar

Executive Director, 5X, Delhi 2 Dublin

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“Amrita’s Groundwork approach to organizing your life and improving your productivity is as powerful and magical as Marie Kondo’s approach to tidying up your things. Her one-day workshop gave me new understanding, practical tools and resources, and new energy to successfully achieve my many goals, projects and dreams. As someone who has been working in and leading non-profit organizations for decades, I believe this system can help and empower individuals and organizations, and thus communities."

Nancy McRitchie

Executive Director, Urban Horse Project

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Groundwork helps you think clearly.

"With a clear mind you can get things done and fulfill your wildest dreams."

- Amrita Ahuja, Founder

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