Organize Your Consciousness

The world is messy and overwhelming, with no end in sight. We all want a work-life balance grounded in peace, joy, and ease, but it is often too difficult to come by. At Groundwork we give you the tools and teach you the behaviours you need to achieve the balance you crave. 

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What is Groundwork?

Groundwork provides tools and training for getting people out of survival mode so they can find ease in their work and life.

Leaders From These Organizations Trust The Groundwork System

Organize Your Pain
Organize Your Peace

Groundwork's productivity system streamlines your workflow and improves your focus. Our survival pattern framework will help you identify and dissolve your pain points. These tools give you the mental and emotional resilience you need to thrive in today's world. 

Join Groundwork

We help high performers achieve the clarity and ease they need to navigate a high-intensity world.

Team Trainings

Help your people organize their workflow and develop more clarity all while increasing productivity, focus, and ease. 

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Online Course

This self-guided journey through the Groundwork system includes video and audio content, a digital workbook, digital manual, community support, and regular practice sessions.

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In-Person Workshops

We offer weekend intensives, masterclass retreats, survival patterns workshops, and special by-request events. 

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A note from CEO & founder Amrita Ahuja

Groundwork grew out of my desire to accomplish big things without the burnout. It began as a productivity system for leaders and entrepreneurs, and evolved into a holistic system for curating peace in all aspects of life.

We Bring Clarity to High-Performers Lives

Discover Your Survival Pattern

In a world that demands more while reinforcing feelings of inadequacy, we firmly believe in your capacity for profound change. There is nothing wrong with you – you are simply caught in the grip of survival mode.