We Bring Clarity and Focus to High-Performers

We all want a work-life balance grounded in clarity, focus and ease. At Groundwork we give you the tools and teach you the behaviors you need to achieve the balance you crave. 

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End Burnout

Reclaim Clarity

Work With Focus

Peaceful Productivity is Possible

Groundwork productivity provides tools, coaching and training for getting people out of survival mode so they can work and live with clarity and focus.

Our proven system has helped hundreds of professionals, leaders, creatives, and those seeking both peace and productivity accomplishing their goals.

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"I now feel more grounded about what is possible in my everyday life!"

Raul Garcia, VP International Business and Corporate Treasurer, Charlotte's Web

Our Approach

There is a problem with the productivity advice you’ve heard. It’s incomplete.

Those looking to achieve balance and peace in their work and lives are often given good advice and some helpful tips, but they overlook a key truth.

Productivity, stress, overwhelm, and goals are all driven by three factors:

  1. Internal Stressors
  2. External Factors 
  3. Our Response Patterns 

Without addressing all three issues, people will miss out on achieving the sense of clarity and focus they’re looking for.

Groundwork Solves This

Our unique three-part approach is the only known program offering a psychological framework, an organizational system, and the practice for staying grounded in the face of life’s stressors.

Stress Response
Pattern Framework


End the cycle of overwhelm, stress and worry in your work and life by addressing the psychological patterns that keep you trapped in survival mode.

Productivity System


Streamline your email inbox, calendar and to-do list with the mindset of the Groundwork Productivity System. Reclaim full focus, clarity and ease in your work and life. 

The Groundwork


Implement and embrace your new tools and mindset through self implementation or with your very own Certified Groundwork Coach.

We Have 4 Ways to Help You

There is support for wherever you are on your journey.


Leverage the experience, expertise, and guided support of our Certified Groundwork Coaches to help you experience peaceful productivity…faster.

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Team Trainings

Help your people organize their workflow and develop more clarity all while increasing productivity, focus, and ease.


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Online Course

This self-guided journey through the Groundwork system includes videos, a workbook and manual, community support, and regular practice sessions.

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Virtual Workshops

Learn live in our half-day virtual Survival Patterns Workshops and Groundwork System Workshops and special by-request events. 

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We Bring Clarity and Focus to High-Performers Lives

Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves to work and live with clarity, focus, and joy. Our mission is to give people the mindset and tools to cultivate peace of mind, focus on what matters, and contribute effectively to the world around them.

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