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Groundwork has helped busy, ambitious people cultivate peace of mind and breakthrough new levels of productivity.

Groundwork Executive Coasting

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We understand what it's like to have too much to do and never get to the things that matter. It's not you. The world is overwhelming and nobody can keep up. When you implement the Groundwork System, you can live a full life without falling into anxiety and burnout.

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Paxton Robertson,
Panago Pizza

Chief operating officer
Groundwork Executive Coasting

“Groundwork is a gift. Having the opportunity to be coached into the system was an absolute game changer for me.”

Our Mission

Many everyday people are living in survival mode, overwhelmed by the world and struggling with too much to do. Groundwork is a system that helps people cultivate peace of mind while getting what matters done so they can live richer, more fulfilling lives, and contribute effectively to the world around them.

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