Clarity to Action

Shift from overwhelm to clarity and action with step-by-step guidance from your own Certified Groundwork Coach.


Trusted by professionals, leaders, and those seeking focus and clarity.

Paxton Robertson, COO Panago Pizza

"Groundwork is a gift. Having the opportunity to be coached into the system was an absolute game changer for me."

The Path Can Be Difficult Alone

Many people who turn to coaching have too many things competing for their attention. They are caught in a struggle with stress and overwhelm when really, they need clarity and energy to focus on what matters.

Do you experience some of these challenges?

  • You're¬†overwhelmed by your¬†to-do list, email inbox, and calendar.
  • Prioritizing is extremely challenging because it all feels urgent.
  • You're not getting to important projects.
  • You feel stuck in a cycle of stress, overwhelm, and worry.¬†

It’s Not Your Fault

The world, our modern lifestyle, and our way of working create overwhelm, distraction, and a sense of unease. Add to it the advice most people hear is a jumble of unreasonable lifehacks and incomplete systems and it’s no surprise people feel burned out and fed up.

With Groundwork, there is a better way.

The Benefits

Experience the Power of Coaching

A Groundwork Executive Coach will help you reach your goals with clarity and focus. Your coach will teach you a new way of working that doesn't have you pushing harder to get things done or numbing out to get relief. Using the Groundwork System, we set you up to achieve everything that is important to you.

Getting Started

How It Works 

1. Schedule a call

Book a free 25-minute call to let us know your challenges and goals. Learn more about The Groundwork System and the coaching process.

2. Get matched with your coach

Let us match you with your coach. Schedule your first coaching session where you'll set the foundation for your productivity and growth.

3. Attend regular coaching sessions

You and your Coach will work through The Groundwork System while tailoring it to meet the challenges you are facing in your work and life.

Find out if coaching is right for you.

Meet with a Groundwork Executive Coach to learn more.


Taran Ghatrora, CEO & Co-Founder, BLUME

"Groundwork has made a profound impact on my personal and professional growth. It is a brilliant tool that has changed the way I approach my work, and has brought more balance and flow to my life."

Coaching Programs

Our coaching programs help high-performs achieve clarity and focus, at any level of accountability and support needed.



For self-driven folks who need support as they implement.

  • 1-Hour¬†Coaching Sessions, every 2 weeks
  • Access to Groundwork's Online Course
  • Monthly Group Coaching Sessions & Quarterly Planning
  • Digital Groundwork Manual & Workbook



For individuals, managers and entrepreneurs who need high accountability to implement for a total transformation.

  • 1-Hour¬†Coaching Sessions, every¬†week
  • Access to Groundwork's Online Course
  • Monthly Group Coaching Sessions & Quarterly Planning¬†
  • Hard Copy Groundwork Manual & Workbook



For founders, executives and leaders who have ownership-level responsibilities and lead teams.

  • 1-Hour¬†Coaching Sessions, every¬†week
  • Access to Groundwork's Online Course
  • Monthly Group Coaching Sessions & Quarterly Planning¬†
  • Hard Copy Groundwork Manual & Workbook
  • On-Demand Coaching
  • Onboarding for Direct Reports

Harpo Mander, Executive Director, 5X

"I highly recommend Groundwork Coaching to any ambitious, heart-centred leader. Groundwork will help you soar to new heights."

Meet the team

Amrita Ahuja

Founder, Groundwork Executive Coach

Inventor and visionary, Amrita (she/her) is the force behind Groundwork. Her lifelong entrepreneurship journey has led her from design to health to marketing and beyond, and from Silicon Valley to Qatar to the Coast of the Pacific Northwest. Amrita is changing the game for productivity and peace, creating a paradigm shift for how we live and work. 

Chad DeAbreu

Director of Operations, Groundwork Executive Coach

Dedicated to fostering sustainable growth at Groundwork, Chad (he/him) brings his experience as the founder of TradeBrain to optimize our systems so we can serve thousands of people every year. He is passionate about helping founders live without the stress and overwhelm that is so commonplace in entrepreneurship.

Olivia Fromm

Groundwork Executive Coach

An author, business leader, and alpine rock climber, Olivia (she/her) creates systems of ease and joy within organizations. Her mission is to make work fun. Serving as a Groundwork Executive Coach from Oregon, Olivia also has an MBA in Business Sustainability.

Amy Nash

Groundwork Executive Coach

Amy Nash (they/them) is a neurospicy coach dedicated to empowering clients to create a life aligned with their values. With an MA in Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies and a background in social and accessibility services, they bring over a decade of experience helping clients and peers navigate social services, critical life transitions, and harm reduction. 

Cata Velicea

Groundwork Executive Coach

Helping people implement Groundwork all over the world from his home country of Romania, Cata (he/him) also facilitates the continual development of our Groundwork Executive Coaches. He carries a black belt and has won several national karate championships. He is enthusiastic about supporting others to conquer overwhelm, especially as entrepreneurs and parents.

Eli Trindade

Groundwork Executive Coach

Eli has an expertise in HR Consulting and has spent his career leading People Departments in a variety of industries and company sizes for nearly 15 years. From start-ups to international companies across North America and Europe, he brings a people-centric approach to Groundwork Team Trainings and to coaching leaders at Groundwork.

Harpo Mander 

Executive Coach

Visionary and cultural producer, Harpo is the Executive Director of 5X, a charity serving young, hybrid South Asians in Metro Vancouver. She is one of the youngest artistic directors of a major arts organization in Canada! 

Want to know if coaching is right for you?

Meet with a Groundwork Coach to learn more.