From Overwhelm to Focus and Clarity

Groundwork is a revolutionary productivity system and mindset approach that will bring clarity, focus, success, and peace to your work and life. Start with the online course today.

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How It Works

The Groundwork System provides a clear framework to help you get out of survival mode and into a better way of working and living in the world.

  • Learn your¬†stress responses and patterns, and how to subvert them.
  • Implement¬†a system to get things done with clarity and focus.
  • Develop focus areas and a practice for maintaining life-work satisfaction.¬†
  • Enjoy a deeper¬†ability¬†to prioritize and more energy for what matters most.

Meet Your Instructor

Amrita Ahuja - Executive Coach, Founder and CEO of Groundwork

Amrita founded Groundwork in 2010. Since then, she has been creating organizational shifts for technology start-ups, business enterprises, social justice organizations, not-for-profit groups, independent artists, the health and wellness sector, and hundreds of individuals in 1-on-1 coaching. 

Course Overview

Learn how to manage your work and life with joy, clarity, and ease

  • 29 easily digestible¬†modules
  • 1.5 hours of video and audio content
  • Monthly¬†group coaching sessions
  • Digital Groundwork Manual and Workbook

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Productivity that doesn't cost your mental health.

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Course Overview


Bonus Materials

With thoughtful content and inspiring materials to guide you, learning Groundwork is easy.

The Groundwork Manual

The course comes with a digital manual full of inspiring content, beautiful graphics for visual learning, and guided practices to help you embody the Groundwork mindset.

The Groundwork Workbook

You will receive a digital workbook to help you complete exercises and to refer to as you learn The Groundwork System.

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End the feeling of overwhelm in your life and work

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Learn more about why Groundwork is game-changer for hundreds of people.

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