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Two Difficult Truths Facing Teams Today 


While the list of challenges that leaders and their teams face is long, we believe it comes down to two key issues:

Leaders and their teams have too many things competing for their attention which makes it hard to focus on what really matters.

Without the ability and systems to effectively respond to stress, leaders and their teams fall back into cycles of overwhelm and reactivity.

The result is that teams are unable to get work done effectively and in a sustainable way. Even if they receive some good training, productivity hacks and incomplete systems are just not working.

The Groundwork Solution

Our unique three-part approach is the only known program offering a psychological framework, an organizational system, and the practice for staying grounded in the face of life’s stressors.

Stress Response Pattern Framework


The Stress Response Pattern Framework is a map for managing your stress in a healthy way and staying out of overwhelm.

Groundwork's Productivity System


The Groundwork Productivity System is an easy way to streamline and manage your email inbox, calendar and to-do list allowing you to finally work with clarity and focus.



Help your teams leverage the training and tools in their day-to-day to be productive, clear and focused with the ongoing support of our Certified Groundwork Coaches and on demand training modules.

Help your teams control their priorities, increase communication and clarity, and achieve their goals ‚Äston time and with less stress.
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Gwen Waring, Operations Manager, Skyrocket Digital

"Groundwork has increased the team's productivity substantially. Having everyone on the team operate with the same system and tools creates so much ease and workability in the day-to-day operations of the company."

We Train and Coach Teams to Perform Effectively

Our training and coaching programs can address all aspects of your organization's needs. 

Team Members

Learn to manage overwhelming inboxes and to-do lists by understanding the triggers of overwhelm. Gain self-awareness and effective strategies to handle information flow, improving time management and proactive approaches.


  • Understand your stress triggers on productivity.

  • Overcome overwhelm and anxiety, and prevent burnout.

  • Learn a simple way to manage your inbox, to-do list and calendar.


A structured system for goal prioritization and effective communication. Gain clarity on team goal collaboration, implement team calendar best practices, and help your team stay focused on what truly matters.


  • A system for goal prioritization task management.

  • Clear communication strategies for enhanced team collaboration.

  • Team time management practice built with your calendar.

Executive Performance

Foster focus and proactivity in your direct reports and their teams. Learn effective delegation techniques, enhance communication clarity, and achieve a healthier work-life balance for success and fulfillment.


  • Provide your direct reports and their teams with clarity on goals and outcomes.

  • Learn to delegate effectively so you can focus on your role.

  • Regain your work-life balance, succeed in your job, & enjoy your life.


Integrate Groundwork into your entire organization. Establish messaging standards and goal-setting practices. Drive focus, clarity, and productivity across all teams, ensuring meetings are purposeful and time-efficient, and everyone operates from a baseline of best practices.


  • Create organization-wide communication standards.

  • Run more effective meetings with defined outcomes.

  • Instill focus and clarity as part of your company‚Äôs productivity practices.

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