Activists march in the streets holding up signs. Words overlaid are the blog title.

Cultivating Clarity and Action for a Better Tomorrow


Dear Groundwork Community,

I recently reflected on the concept of activism and how it inherently stems from a reactive stance—a response to the challenges and injustices that surround us. While activism is crucial, I want to share thoughts on a more grounded approach to creating lasting change.

Cultivating a sense of inner stability before diving into action is transformative. When we find that steadiness within ourselves, it allows us to act from a place of non-resistance. The focus shifts from personal reactions to what is best for the community, the situation, and the most effective way to engage with the issue.

One of the remarkable aspects of cultivating internal stability is the clarity it brings to our actions. Acting from a stable inner state opens us to creativity and a broader perspective. It allows us to see beyond survival mode and strategize more effectively, considering the small gaps that can be closed incrementally for progress.

In a world often marked by reactivity, establishing ourselves at the level of being provides the clarity needed to identify and address the small gaps in our path. Instead of being overwhelmed by the future, we can concentrate on taking one step at a time, ensuring that each action is informed, purposeful, and aligned with our collective vision for a better tomorrow.

Let's continue to thrive as a community, acting with clarity, purpose, and a shared commitment to positive change.


With ease,

Amrita Ahuja

Founder, Groundwork


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