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Embracing the Power of Internal Well-being

 Dear Groundwork Community,

I want to share with you the significance of cultivating a sense of internal well-being, a practice we emphasize deeply within Groundwork. It's not an instantaneous state one reaches; rather, it's a continuous practice that unfolds daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

At Groundwork, we choose to frame this as a "practice" rather than a discipline because, much like tending to a garden, it's about cultivation. Over time, you learn to find contentment within, freeing yourself from the need for external validation, the fear of rejection, or the pressure to conform for validation. This internal well-being becomes the bedrock of a transformative journey.

The freedom that blossoms from being internally secure is, in my belief, the key to unlocking life's vast opportunities. It's a lifetime chance to reduce dependence on external factors for self-approval. Once you've established this foundation of internal well-being, your engagements with the world become life-affirming, purposeful, clear, and joyful, leading to results that surpass your most ambitious visions.

With ease,

Amrita Ahuja

Founder, Groundwork


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