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How to Deal With Micromanagement

Dear Groundwork Community,

Micromanagement is a challenge many of us face, and it's a question I've been asked frequently in my career. I'd like to share some insights on effectively managing this situation.

Firstly, understand that micromanagement often stems from fear—a fear of failure, not meeting commitments, or a general survival response. Recognizing this is crucial in navigating the dynamics.

To address this, transparency is key. Before embarking on a task or project, proactively discuss the plan of action. Clarify the needs of the individual to ensure they feel secure about the work's progress and quality. Questions like, "How often would you like updates?" and "What specific information do you want in these updates?" can set clear expectations.

Remember, it's not about something you're doing wrong; it's about their experience and survival pattern. They will need to navigate their uncertainties and feelings. Use the Groundwork system as a framework to capture the action plan. Agendas allow you to document agreed-upon action items, deadlines, and desired outcomes. This shared space ensures collaborative and transparent progress tracking.

By understanding the root cause and collaboratively creating a transparent plan, we can navigate and transform micromanagement dynamics effectively.




Executive Coach, Groundwork


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