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How to Shift from Surviving to Thriving

Dear Groundwork Community,

In a world where survival mode has become the norm, Groundwork is here to guide and support you. Groundwork offers two powerful tools: the Survival Pattern Framework and the Drop-In Meditation to break out of survival mode.

We start by recognizing when we're in survival mode. Breaking it down into five categories—physical, emotional, mental, behavioural, and spiritual—we can identify and understand our responses. By labelling these survival patterns, we gain practical insights, making it easier to track and address.

Moving on to the second step, we need to Drop into the Pain. Survival mode is rooted in underlying pain that needs acknowledgment. The Drop-In Meditation, a brief and gentle practice lasting just five minutes, helps us sit with and dissolve this pain. It's a simple yet profound way to navigate triggered moments.

Here's a practical approach: Start keeping a notebook to record your survival responses. For instance, sweating may signal a physical response, prompting you to pause and reassess. Emotional triggers could manifest as sadness or anger, while mental patterns might involve feelings of inadequacy or unfairness. Behavioural responses, such as people-pleasing or self-sabotage, and spiritual questioning are also common.

Recognizing these reactions is the first step to disrupting survival mode. Inner peace is the key to external harmony, and by understanding and addressing our survival patterns, we pave the way to a thriving life.

Let's commit to tracking our survival patterns, dropping into them, and regrouping here for ongoing support and guidance.

With ease,


Groundwork Coach


The Groundwork System is a simple way to manage your inbox, to-do list, and calendar, and a simple way to understand and manage the triggers and pain that keep you in survival mode. 

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