Unlocking Ease and Joy: Navigating Survival Mode with Groundwork

Dear Groundwork Community,

Recognizing and understanding our survival responses is a crucial step toward achieving a life beyond mere survival. I'm Amrita, the founder of Groundwork, and my passion lies in guiding individuals toward lives filled with ease, clarity, and joy.

Survival mode often manifests as subtle anxiety or stress, even for high-functioning individuals. It's that feeling of not being quite right, a tension that underlies decision-making. I refer to it as living from a place of resistance. When you sense this survival response, I encourage you to pause, to refrain from making decisions in that state.

The real choice lies in not acting from survival mode. Take a moment to step back, to stabilize yourself at the core of your being before embarking on any action. This practice is central to our journey at Groundwork, fostering a life that transcends survival mode.

With ease,


Amrita Ahuja

Founder, Groundwork


The Groundwork System is a simple way to manage your inbox, to-do list, and calendar, and a simple way to understand and manage the triggers and pain that keep you in survival mode. 

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